Immigration Law

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Immigration Law

The rights and duties that come with citizenship, naturalization, and immigration are covered by immigration law. It handles a variety of topics, such as citizenship, deportation, asylum, visas, and work permits, amongst others.  Immigration law aims to manage border crossings and treat immigrants properly. Immigration law is considered as complex, dynamic, and country-specific. Refers to the national status, regulations, and other legal matters governing immigration into and deportation from a country.


Immigration law is a system of rules, regulations, and legal concepts that control the entry, stay, and departure of individuals from one nation to another. This body of laws, regulations, and general legal concepts is what’s meant when people talk about “immigration law.” It comprises the legal framework that governs immigration, citizenship, and naturalization, as well as the rights and obligations of immigrants and those of the country that is hosting them. Additionally, it contains the rights and obligations of naturalized citizens.

Immigration law is the body of law regulating the entry and exit of a person in or out of a country. This area of the law concerns the issue of all the related documents, such as visas and travel documents, together with the individuals who are permitted to enter a country, the length of time they are permitted to remain, the conditions under which they are permitted to work or study, and the requirements for acquiring permanent residency or citizenship are all specified by these regulations.

Immigration laws typically address a wide range of subjects, including the various kinds of visas, eligibility requirements, admission procedures, documentation requirements, employment opportunities, family reunification, asylum and refugee processes, deportation and removal procedures, and the rights and protections that are afforded to immigrants. In a general sense, immigration laws cover all of these subjects as well as others.

The purpose of immigration legislation is to strike a balance between the competing goals of protecting a nation’s security and sovereignty, taking into account humanitarian concerns, and meeting a country’s economic necessities.

It is intended to build a framework that enables the movement of people in an organized and regulated manner while preserving the interests of both the country that is hosting immigrants and the immigrants themselves.

In the are of immigration law, we at Ryan Ellul Advocates are able to provide assistance with the following matters:

  • Visa to enter Malta or the Schengen Area;
  • Entry and Re-Entry Bans;
  • Temporary residence permits;
  • Permanent residence permits;
  • Family Member Residence Cards;
  • Single Permits (SWP) and Employment Licenses (Work Permits)
  • Appeals (Immigration Appeals Board and International Protection Appeals Tribunal).
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