Family Law

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Family Law

As its name suggests, the area of the law known as family law is concerned with issues pertaining to families and domestic relationships. These issues include marriage, civil unions, maintenance, care and custody of children, access rights, filiation, separation, annulments, and divorce.


In the field of law known as family law, legal matters connected to family ties, such as marriage, separation and divorce, as well as child care and custody, adoption, are investigated and litigated. Due to the fact that it typically involves delicate personal and family concerns, this field of the law is regarded as one of the most challenging and emotionally taxing.

The field of family law addresses a wide range of issues that are associated with the composition and functioning of families. The following items top the list of those that are most frequently discussed in family law:

1) Marriage, Separation and Divorce: Family law governs the processes that lead to the creation of marriages as well as their termination in the form of separation and divorce. It covers topics such as marital requirements, prenuptial agreements, annulment, separation, divorce, the division of property, and  support;

2) Child care and custody, residence and  visitation rights: Child care and custody arrangements, residence of the child or children, and visitation rights are all governed by family law. Family law is responsible for making decisions regarding these aspects of a child’s life. While keeping a constant focus on what is in the child’s best interest.

3) Maintenance: According to Maltese legislation, maintenance payments are calculated either until the child reaches the age of 18 or until the child reaches the age of 23. This age range is determined by whether or not the child continues their full time education. Depending on the kind of agreement that was made, the amount of maintenance might include half of the medical and educational costs, or it might not, in which case the half of those costs would have to be paid upon presentation of the applicable receipts.

4) Paternity and Parental rights: Cases concerning the establishment of paternity, the determination of biological parentage, and the definition of parental rights and obligations are handled under the area of law known as family law.

In spite of the fact that cases involving family law usually include difficult duties, Ryan Ellul Advocates confronts these obstacles head-on by combining deep knowledge of family law with a strong work ethic and sensitivity to the emotional requirements of our clients. Additionally, we make every effort to settle disagreements in a civilized manner.

Our mission is to accomplish the delivery of results to our customers in the speediest and least stressful manner that is humanly possible. We place the utmost importance on complying with all of our legal duties.

We are conscious of the importance of the situation. The areas of your life — including your relationships, your children, and your property — that are most important to you are encompassed by family law.

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