Criminal Law

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Criminal Law

Criminal law” refers to the legal system’s treatment of criminal action. It regulates social behavior and bans anything unsafe, hurtful, or otherwise injurious to people’s property, health, safety, and morality, as well as the penalty for disobeying the law. It includes punishing lawbreakers.


The section of the legal system known as criminal law is responsible for the study of offenses, crimes, and other sorts of illegal behavior that are considered to be harmful to society as a whole. The maintenance of law and order, the prohibition of illegal behavior, and the protection of individuals and property from harm are the objectives of criminal law.

Individuals who have been suspected of committing a crime are subject to the process of criminal law, which involves those individuals being prosecuted for the alleged offenses that they have committed.

That the defendant is guilty of the crime for which they are being charged must be established beyond a shadow of a doubt by the prosecution in order for them to carry the burden of proof. If the defendant is found guilty, there is a possibility that they will be subject to sanctions. These punishments may include anything from incarceration to a reprimand or an admonition.

Infractions of traffic regulations, on the one hand, can be fairly minor in nature; nevertheless, offenses such as homicide, assault, and fraud, on the other hand, can be extremely serious in nature. All of these infractions can be found in the Maltese Criminal Code. In addition to this, there are additional parts of criminal law that include criminal procedure, the presentation of evidence, punishment, and appeals. The purpose of the criminal justice system is not only to ensure that those who commit crimes are held accountable for their deeds, but also to safeguard the rights of individuals who are accused of committing a crime.


These rights include the right to a fair trial, the right to have legal representation, and the presumption of innocence unless guilt is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. The field of criminal law is a vital component of the legal system that our country employs, and it is accountable for performing an important function in the preservation and protection of our society.

If you are the subject of a criminal investigation or if you have been accused of committing a crime, you should not give up hope; this is true even if you believe that the evidence against you is overwhelming since there is still a chance that you may be exonerated. We will serve in the capacity of your lawyers, and we would be thrilled to have the opportunity to further discuss this matter with you.

Regardless of the type of crime with which you are being charged, Ryan Ellul Advocates will work diligently to defend your interests and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the entirety of the criminal process. This is true at each and every stage of the process. We will do this to ensure that you are treated properly by the criminal justice system and that you have access to all of the relevant facts in the case.

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